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Sunday, August 5, 2007

愛吃就自己做 之 How I made my own dogfood 篇

It seems like Vegesoup's friends are surprised that a starving dog can make his own dogfood. It isn't very hard, really. Just follow CL's instructions like everyone else does. The following portions make 2.5 large Bah Wan.

A. 1 oz sticky rice powder.
B. 10 oz water.

Step 1: Slowly mix A and B until completely dissolved. Then use low heat to bring the solution to a very slight boil. At this point, the solution should be gooey. Let the solution cool down to room temperature -- people say this is very important -- patience makes you hungrier and more eager to chow down your own dogfood.

C. 2 oz corn starch
D. 2 oz sweet potato powder

Step 2: Mix C and D thoroughly in a big big bowl.

Step 3: Pour the gooey stuff from Step 1 into the mixed powder in Step 2. Mix throughly with chopsticks. The mixture turns into white paste. When you are satisfied with the consistency of the paste, mix two more minutes to make sure.

Step 4: Oil the saucers.

Step 5: Spoon a thick layer of white paste from Step 3.

Step 6: Add stuffing

Step 7: Cover stuffing with another layer of white paste from Step 3.

Step 8: Steam for 7 minutes for small bahwan and up to 12 minutes for very large ones.

Let everything cool down a little. Pour sauce and chow.


  1. I may follow your recipe in the future. Thanks for posting it on the Vege Soup's blog.

    My mom also knows how to make 肉圓 . I think her way of making it is different from yours.

  2. Thanks for your recipe!