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Monday, March 10, 2008

berkeley半日遊 測試panasonic lumix

photodog又買了一台新相機, panasonic lumix, 號稱可以遠拍, 菜湯對這台橡機是一竅不通, 不過倒是趁著這個機會可以去berkeley走走順便外拍, 還是挺不錯的.享幾張照片:





當天生意最好的店家. 沒有店名喔, 不過招牌畫了一枝甜筒大家就知道了吧.


  1. The sign says "ici" which is French for "here". The only French words that Vegesoup understands are Cartier, Chanel and LV.

  2. Haaaaa, honestly, the only French words i know are same as vegesoup's :P Photodog is very knowledgeable and humorous!

    What a coincidence that I've also got a lumix since last year! Mine is 7mg pixel pantoscopic lens bought from amazon. So far I think the lens are not as good as Carl Zeiss's ( like Sony's). But I do love the pantoscopic effect.

  3. Hi mi, the biggest problem with Lumix is too much noise reduction. The lens is ok. I have not tried Zeiss, but I suspect all cheap plastic lenses to be equally bad, whether they are Japanese or Japanese-with-a-German-name. The Lumix is made in Japan, which is very rare.

    The cheapest real Zeiss lens starts at $500, and cheapest Leica probably close to $1000. If I have that kind of money, I guess I would spend it on German cameras than any French junk.

  4. 好低小姐 妳提醒了我 要去和老大先生要我的禮物 相機!!