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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Photodog's Favorite Things

今天沒有寫作的靈感, 就一直慫恿hotodog來寫一篇, 下面是他最想要的東西, 老實說, 菜湯都還滿沒興趣的, 哈哈哈!

America's wealthiest woman and favorite talkshow host Oprah shows off her favorite things once each season. Here are Photodog's favorite things, if money grows on trees.

Camera: Nikon D700

It is a less expensive and smaller brother of the Nikon D3. The most amazing thing about the D3 and D700 is the high sensitivity performance. Don't worry about the technical jargon. It just means that these cameras can take really sharp pictures when it's dark or when your subject is moving fast. In my experience, Nikon makes the best cameras for dummies. Just set the camera to automatic everything, and click click click. Price for Nikon D700: $3000. You can order one here.(這相機是有點意思, 可是看來是不能塞到皮包裡隨身攜帶, 不實用...)

Speakers: Magnepan MG20.1

These stereo speakers are tall and wide. But they are flat! They sound so real that you can almost touch the singers and the musical instruments. If they didn't take up so much space and block all our windows, I would serious consider spending $12,500 for them. (開什麼玩笑, 才不讓你花12500在音響上, 寧願買鑽戒好了, 不過菜湯喜歡的12500也買不到就是了...)

Car: Aptera

A fancy beautiful car that gets 300 mpg! The future is here. What can I say? (這車子長的實在太怪異了, 開出去會被行注目禮, 不喜歡...)

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